Queue finished Y Combinator and raised $1M

October 17, 2020

We did YC (Y Combinator) and raised $1M seed round from some of the most respected investors in silicon valley.

About the round

For the past 3 months, we’ve been doing a startup accelerator called Y Combinator. If you don’t know about YC, they’re the worlds best startup accelerator and makes you go through a 3 month program followed by an event called Demo Day. Some of the startups that went through YC are Twitch, AirBnB, Dropbox, InstaCart, and many more billion dollar companies.

2 weeks after YC, we raised $1M from venture capital firms and angel investors in silicon valley. Investors who truly believes in our mission and us as founders. And we thankfully had amazing YC partners like Michael Seibel (cofounder of Twitch), Harj Taggar, and Jared Friedman.

What it means for Queue

So what are we gonna do with $1M in the bank account? We’re gonna hire the talented people, build an amazing product, and focus on our mission.

The first thing we’re going to do is hire talented people (application). So far we’ve been doing this as 2 founders, and although we’ve come far, it’s time to scale with more engineers, marketers, and designers. We’re keeping the team very small (<5) for the next 12 months.

We encourage you to apply.

We’re putting a lot more work on Q’s performance and reliability, as well as build additional products. To give you a quick peak into our brain, we’re going to be releasing portfolios and payments into Queue. This will let your esport coaching, video production, or even web design service thrive through an end-to-end platform to run your business online.

Our vision is to make a platform that lets anyone in the passion economy start a business providing services online. We’ll handle everything from collaboration, getting paid, and having a beautiful website that gets you hired more. If this vision excites you, please apply to Queue as one our first 5 employee.

Final thoughts

Building a huge startup takes a lot of work. And we want to thank you for helping us on this journey. The feedback, encouragement, and telling your friends about Q is what makes all of this happen. And we hope you continue to support us as we go forward on this long and exciting journey.
— Masud & JP

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