Marketplace for hiring vetted creatives

Hello, world!
For the past 2 years we've built one of the best collaboration software for multimedias like videos, images, and even live websites. And with that we've gathered amazing creatives ranging from motion designers to UIUX designers on a platform that wants to help them thrive with their creativity. From day 1 we've had 1 goal, which was to enable people to make a living doing what they love online. And today we're excited to say that we'll be launching a marketplace on Queue to make it a reality.

So why do this?
Here's the thing. If you ask any designer out there what their #1 problem is, it's most likely having a source of high quality leads. And if you ask startups about hiring designers, they're lost in what they need or where to find them. And both have been burned by either a shitty designers or a rude client. So we're going to fix that big problem in the market. We're gonna get designers high quality leads and startups vetted designers.

  • Lack of proper vetting
  • No central location for finding designers
  • Missing collaboration tools for design feedback

Because finding a designer sucks...
Why is it hard for startups to find high quality designers? For one it's lack of experience in the field. Most startups start with an engineering team. They often times ignore design needs for the end user and results in a product that comes off as amateurish and lacks the proper user experience to make it easy to use. The need of high quality design is higher than ever because it shows you have your shit together and shows credibility. And of course high quality design should also increase the user experience. Take Stripe for example. An API company that is KILLING it in the design space and focus heavily on creating new standards. And API's are used by developers, which can be argued as the least design required market. But because of that amazing design by the Stripe team, it enabled all of us to have a pleasant experience building.

We're gonna vet the designers
First it starts with a vetting system. Because we already have a large number of users who are designers and actively use our collaboration software; we'll be hand selecting, interviewing, and accepting them into Queue Partners. We want to make sure no one is stuck with a snake oils salesman type person who delivers crap work for a lot of money, and they're off to scam the next one. We vet by taking a close look at their portfolio, how they interact with clients, and give them a test project to assess their skills. The bar for high quality work is high and it will remain that way here.

SAAS enabled marketplace
Coupled with the marketplace and our collaboration software, we're going to build the best saas enabled marketplace that'll enable creatives to find work, startups to hire the best, and both to get the job done perfectly. The public release of the marketplace will obviously be out early January (currently in beta. Ask for an invite!), but with the help from our users and fans, i'm sure we'll make a lot of iterations going forward.

🎉 P.S
We're hella excited about what we're going to be building for 2022.  We're also gonna build in public and post our thoughts on twitter. So be sure to follow us there.

Happy new years and never stop being creative.