Best collaboration tools for each file type

November 30, 2020

The best collaboration tools support different forms of online communication, from text to video and document sharing. Usability and the number of features are the key determinants of the performance rating of these platforms. Here is the scoop.

Video collaboration ―

Queue lets team handle communication internally or with clients directly on the cloud. They provide a variety of tool to get to final cuts faster; like timestamped & drawings comments directly on Video files (and any other type of files). Teams get notified when a new version is up so they no longer have to deal with imprecise feedback on their creative work.

If you want to create a creative project and need an all-in-one platform to handle your work from file organization to collaboration then Queue is the software that excel.

Queue keeps you centered in one software so you can get to final cuts on average 9.82% to 21.44% faster.

Group inbox ― Flowdock

Flowdock makes distributed teams operate as though they are in the same room. The most intriguing element of the private chat platform is its group inbox, which brings notifications from different collaboration software channels, from Twitter, Asana, and AI assistants.

Inside Flowdock, discussions are grouped by threads. Colleagues can answer to these Threads, keeping themes coordinated. Messages are colored-coded by themes so you can rapidly distinguish a subject and find the right conversation.

If you have to talk about something secretly with a colleague, you can chat discreetly through 1:1 Flows. Users can activate video collaboration through the In-Person Use feature that launches instant video chat. The video link is accessible for anybody in your group to join.

Flowdock keeps your group centered by giving one space to all your joining refreshes. You can view updates from each of your channels in the inbox while getting a chance to keep communication neat and organized. The search and filter features in the inbox make it possible to find relevant messages, attachments, and assignments at the drop of a hat.

Video messaging ― GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an online video messaging platform that enables teams to plan collaborative meetings and share screens. GoToMeeting helps in or dependable, professional online meetings and remote working collaborations.

The solution brings instant video messaging for free on any gadget. The secure video conferencing platform makes video calling to a new level and can be scaled as your business grows, and you have to communicate with many clients.

You can expect HD video quality that is transmitted on a robust, secure platform. Meeting recording features make it possible to record live meetings, while mobile conferencing capabilities allow parties to attend a discussion on the go.

GoToMeeting lets you work together progressively with different members from anyplace on the planet, over any OS or device. It incorporates collaboration features that effectively help to coordinate your schedule, so you never miss a meeting. Invitations are easy to make and send. It just requires a webcam and a WIFI, and you’ll be prepared for your next virtual gathering.

Group messaging ― Slack

Slack is a famous and all-around messaging platform. It features ground-breaking capabilities for file transfer and message search. Apart from its inbuilt features, its ready integration with other business collaboration tools leads to expanded usability.

Slack offers all the advantages of group chat and instant messaging, a quintessential element of remote working collaboration. Think about contactless recruiting: sending emails is a safer and traditional way to contact an intriguing candidate. In any case, though, responses are not instantaneous. The person may take days to see your emails.

Slack brings everyone on the same platform, so messaging is quick and in real-time. In case you’re discussing in a Slack channel, you can start a conversation or ask a question that immediately gets seen by the targeted parties, prompting prompt feedback vital in collaborative environments.

Every form of content inside Slack is accessible via a speedy search function., including documents, discussions, and profiles. It is readily integrable with solutions like Google Drive, and thus correspondence significantly more proficient. Slack channels look pretty much like Facebook messages; instant communication is akin to what happens in WhatsApp groups, except that this is a business messaging app.

You can message with internal teams and clients asynchronously or in real-time. Slack is more lively than numerous other types of business collaborative solutions. New changes to the interface currently make it more natural for new clients. Slack makes collaboration simpler and better. You have to know when to use it, how to use it, and the features that can work better for you.

Project management Basecamp

Basecamp is another great online collaboration platform with project management capabilities. It empowers individuals to cooperate on tasks, events, and projects. Users can upload files for live discussions, assign and track tasks, and continuously check up on colleagues and teams.

Unlike conventional project management tool, Basecamp gives you places to exchange instant messages, make declarations, and view forthcoming tasks and occasions on a schedule. It doesn’t, nonetheless, accompany all the Gantt charts or resource planning features.

This solution works best as a collaboration tool for teams that don’t need any budgeting, time tracking, or invoicing. It keeps communication straightforward in the features section and goes for an all the more cooperatively based approach. Its commenting, record sharing and scheduling features help to keep project tasks on target.

Each Basecamp task and assignment has a record transferring and sharing framework so you can rapidly impart assets to the remainder of your group.

Basecamp has a comment segment and messaging corner so that you can speak with your group. Basecamp likewise sends email notices at whatever point you’re away from the application. That way, you’ll never miss a task update or completion.

Document – Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processing program by Google. It gives individuals a stage for writing if they don’t have an offline word processor. It is additionally unique in that it tends to be utilized for collaborations at work and school.

Google Docs empowers cooperation between partners, colleagues, and teachers, and students. Since the document is saved in the cloud, the maker can connect the document for editing with others.

With Google Docs, users additionally don’t need to stress over saving each time they make changes. The application consequently spares the report at standard spans, so in any event, when the web association is lost, users can, in any case, discover their recent edits and changes.

Google Docs is great for both shared writing and personal writing. The autosave element guarantees that you don’t lose content as long as you are connected to the web, and the set of history highlights all previous document changes. Google Docs is anything but difficult to utilize, free, and has many users across the world.

Several downloadable plugins give clients much more functionality regarding things like text style, graphics, or format design. When offering access to individuals, you can choose what level of access they have to the report, including individual read and edit rights.

Google Docs gives dynamic editing and styling features to users. This makes it easy to create documents and reports that are decipherable and intelligent.

Google Docs likewise has plenty of text styles and features that empower users to add pictures and other media inside their documents for a more captivating read.

Sometimes, one may want to design documents with a specific goal in mind, for example, resumes and application letters. That is the reason Google Docs offers different template archives that clients can alter and redo.

Google Docs documents are accessible and can be edited even where there is no web association. Users stay ready to make new documents. Besides, the application is accessible for cell phones, tablets, and PCs, so clients can take it with them and be profitable any place they go.

VoIP – Discord

You can modify the interface, add a perpetual cluster of channels and applications, and connect, in a split second, with individuals by voice or video. Organizations that use Discord can likewise make instant documentation and share with other teams on a predetermined number of seamless collaboration channels.

Discord puts a solid accentuation on the group chat and instant voice messaging, making it an excellent fit for talking about projects and other work issues with your colleagues.

Inside Discord, workers can make devoted VoIP or text-based channels to communicate in, and clients can get different workers together with just one document.

The concept execution sets it apart from the different alternatives available in the market. It’s accessible as a downloadable application, an in-browser application, and a mobile application; this was up ’til now inconceivable in the VoIP space, where the main alternatives were downloadable desktop applications. The system is neat, responsive, and amazingly easy to use.

Document ― Notion

Notion is a collaborative note-taking application that lets you work with a large variety of content types. It is quick to learn and feels very natural. You can set emoticons and covers for each page. This makes them memorable. The block system and markdown support all increase user-friendliness.

You get extensive customizations when working with this collaborative solution. You can make a template and create custom organizations.

Notion offers four levels of administration, including a free plan. The free version can be community-oriented, and you can welcome the same number of individuals as you like to go along with you. You can likewise share content to outside partners using a connection, yet you can’t allow those individuals to edit or additionally share the record. Just reading and commenting.

Use this list as a guide to choose the best solution for higher productivity when working remotely.

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